Network Engineers: A Community of Experts

Multiven provides its worldwide customers its collaborative platform called PingstaThis solution allows network engineers to be remunerated for tasks performed at the request of Multiven’s customers, but also to share their expertise to help make the Internet more secure and efficient.

Multiven customers have access to a passionate community of experts.

multiven engineers

Pingsta was founded in 2007 in Palo Alto, California, USA, by Multiven CEO Peter Alfred-Adekeye. It is a collaborative, community-based solution with more than 1,200 experts in 55 countries around the world, with an average of 20 years of experience.

Thanks to their expertise, some members of the community take charge, in exchange for a remuneration, of the tasks in support of Multiven’s customers via their dedicated dashboard. The « pay per task » mechanism allows members to earn $ 100 per support task or per hour, for consulting work. So far, the most a Pingsta engineer has earned in a year is $245,000.

« Through Pingsta, we offer a service of quality at competitive prices. That aims to enable our customers to improve the security of their networks and their solutions. » Said Peter Alfred Adekeye, CEO of Multiven.

Pingsta: Decisions affecting the future of the Internet

Pingsta also allows its members to extend their intellectual heritage by contributing to mySolvr, the open knowledge base specialized in Internet engineering. For experts, this represents a real opportunity to transmit their passion and participate in the security and reliability of the Internet network, which benefits all its users.

The community is composed of several experts in the world of Internet engineering who contribute to mySolvr, such as Dr Lawrence Roberts, MIT Doctorate and designer of the Arpanet network, the precursor of the Internet; John Nagle, inventor of the Nagle algorithm, which improves the functioning of the TCP / IP protocol governing all communication rules on the Internet.

Pingsta membership is by invitation only and its members are directly connected to each other. Being part of the community allows them to participate in discussions that will impact the future of the Internet.

Photo credits:, Multiven